FCgen-1020ACS 3,3 kW

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3,3 kW Fuel Cell Stack with 80 Cells

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The stack from Ballard Power Systems offers an air-cooled, scalable PEM fuel cell stack for a wide range of applications. Long durability and reliability are important requirements of the system.

The FCgen-1020ACS fuel cell is designed to integrate the advanced open cathode and self-humidifying MEA technology. This technology eliminates the need for humidification, thus simplifying the overall system integration. The result is a simple, cost-effective design that ensures reliable operation over a wide range in demanding conditions.

With no moving parts and high efficiency, the FCgen-1020ACS produces clean power with low thermal and acoustic levels. The FCgen-1020ACS is scalable from 300 W to 3 kW and can be variably integrated for many end-user applications. Please contact us for product, availability and pricing.


  • fuel cell stack with 80 cells
  • rating: 3,3 kW
  • rating current: 65 A
  • DC voltage: 683 mV/cell
  • fuel: hydrogen 99,95 % or better
  • fuel supply pressure: 0,16 to 0,56 bar
  • Fuel flow: ~ 0,5 slpm/cell
  • Oxidant/coolant: air
  • coolant flow: ~ 50 slpm/cell
  • operating temperatur: – 40 to 52 °C
  • startup temperature: ≥ – 10 to 52 °C
  • start-up time: start up to 80% nominal power -> ~ 20 sec.
  • dimensions (l x w x h): 363 x 103 x 351 mm
  • weight: 11,0 kg
  • product certification: CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 62282-2 Fuel Cell Modules

NOTE: The specifications for a batch of prototype and are subject to change at any time without notice.