J101 Junior Basic

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Junior Basic J101 is a Solar Hydrogen Experimentation System consisting of a solar module, PEM Electrolyser, hydrogen and oxygen storage tanks, PEM fuel cell, and fan (for electric load); mounted on a black base-plate, and textbook. The included H-TEC Education fuel cell textbook contains information about the technology and instructions for a variety of experiments. The Junior Basic reflects the simple elegance of the hydrogen cycle by reflecting a self-contained hydrogen system that is perfect for introducing the technology behind the solar hydrogen cycle, or for small demonstrations.



  • compact system on one base-plate
  • clear, self-explanatory set-up
  • sturdy construction
  • short setup time



  • Electrolyzer Cell 5
  • 2 x Storage 30
  • Fuel Cell Hydrogen Oxygen
  • Solar Panel Cell
  • Fan Load
  • Acrylic Base Plate
  • Instructional Textbook


User Manual