Current Scan High Res

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Device for Measuring Current Density Distribution with High Resolution

Model: 10152

In a fuel cell the locale conditions differ which leads to an inhomogeneous mass conversion resulting in an inhomogeneous current production. One of the keys to a deeper understanding of PEM fuel cells, including the DMFC, is the measurement of the current density distribution.
The devices of the series “current scan highres” are characterized by a high resolution. The device has a resolution of 32 x 36 points with an area of 50 x 50 mm. The data shows an inhomogeneous current distribution which is caused by a depletion of hydrogen near the outlet.


The devices of this series use a segmented electrode with segments of about 1mm² conducted to single electronic loads trough a multilayered printed circuit board. The electronic loads are realized with amplifiers who work as current source or sink. So the device can be used on the anode or optionally on the cathode side.


  • high resolution (electrodes of about 1 mm²)
  • ± 20 mA per segment (more on request)
  • temperature range up to 120 °C (200 °C on request)
  • standard sizes are available (special designs on request)


  • measurement of the current density distribution of a fully operating fuel cell
  • usable as anode or cathode of a single cell
  • detailed analysis of flow fields, manifolds, flow distribution and materials like gas diffusion layers
  • data mining for the simulation and optimization of fuel cells
  • fault diagnostic in fuel cells
  • high throughput screening of catalytic material
  • also usable in fuel cells with liquid electrolyte or primary and secondary cells